Wedding Photography not just for one day, but forever

I love being a Wedding Photographer
I specialise in wedding ceremonies because I love the excitement and enjoyment of capturing such important family occasions. Even now after many years taking photographs, I still get excited handing over the images I have captured. I want to make sure every couple have memories that will last a lifetime.

Wedding photography is more than photography. It is capturing all the memories, hopes and feelings you shared with those who are most precious to you. What could be better? 

If you are looking for a photographer who understands weddings you have come to the right place. 
As a professional wedding photographer and wedding celebrant, ceremonies are my full-time passion.

Based in Manchester, in the Northwest of England we have a range of fantastic locations and beautiful wedding venues. I work across Cheshire, Lancashire and Staffordshire.

I take and process all my own images. I write scripts for weddings, take photographs for weddings and produce my own professional images. Many people ask what equipment I use. I shoot with Canon cameras and have done all my life. For all you technical people I use Magmod lighting for flash and lighting set ups.

Wedding Day Dreams? Make them a reality. How, I hear you ask?

The combination of a celebrant and a photographer gives me an invaluable insight into your wedding day. I see it from both sides of the camera. It also means you have the reassurance to know you are working with someone who understands the importance and uniqueness of your day. I have my own home studio area where I spend a lot of time editing and writing. I also like to take photographs of other family events such as naming ceremonies and family birthdays.

A photographer is more than someone who takes a photograph. It is someone who can find the right moment to take the photograph. Able to capture the right mood and emotions you want to remember.

It is important for me as a professional I am affiliated to a number of professional bodies. The Society of Photographers, Institute of Photography and Association of Independent Celebrants. I have a number of professional qualifications in photography and a Diploma in Celebrant and Public Speaking. I have many other professional qualifications after a long career.

What next? Get in touch and have a chat about what you need for your wedding day. I have a range of wedding photography packages if that is what you are after.  I also offer bespoke deals covering a range of wedding photographer prices and styles of ceremonies.

We take pride in our professionalism. I ensure communication is positive and I am always honest about what I can do and I never double book dates. If you book with me I will be the person shooting your wedding. Fully COVID -19 compliant with all our planning and delivery. We keep up to date with all government changes.
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